Application & Use

How do I use REVITASUN to get the best results?

For the best tanning results, it is important to use the products correctly. How it works: - Use a body scrub before using tanning products. - Always apply the REVITASUN Tanning Spray or the REVITASUN Tinted Lotion to clean, dry areas of skin before your usual skincare routine. - Shake well before using. - Spray the REVITASUN Tanning Spray evenly onto the REVITASUN Flat Kabuki Brush or the REVITASUN Tanning Glove. Apply to the desired parts of the body in a circular motion for even results. - Use a hairdryer to dry the REVITASUN Tanning Spray faster. - Wash hands thoroughly after application and remove any residue. - If any areas were accidentally tanned, the product can be removed easily within the first few minutes. - The spray as well as the lotion should be completely absorbed by the skin before getting dressed, to avoid staining. Tip: Use daily if you would like a more intense tanning result.

How long does the tan last?

You will see first results within 30 seconds after application, which will intensify within the next few hours and last for several days. Due to cell renewal of the skin, however, the results are not permanent: Depending on your skin type, the tan lasts for a few days up to a week.

Is it possible to apply the REVITASUN tanning spray twice a day?

The tan needs about 8 hours to develop fully, so we recommend a single use per day. A rework can be done the next day.

How often should I use the tanning spray?

Apply the spray once or twice a week for consistent tanning results. For a more intense tanning result, use the REVITASUN tanning spray daily until the desired result is achieved.

How do I avoid uneven spots on the elbows and knees?

At the elbows and knees, the skin is particularly dense, so there are more amino acids that can react with the natural self-tanning agents. When applying the self-tanner to these areas, be careful not to use excessive amounts of product. Tip: If too much products is dispersed, use a tissue to blot off any excess. Also, leave out hairline, eyebrows, as well as fingernails and toenails, as they also react more strongly due to amino acids.

Products & Ingredients

Is the REVITASUN Tanning spray free of animal ingredients?

Nowadays many people want to reduce the amount of animal products they are using on a daily basis or even live a vegan lifestyle. REVITASUN considers these concerns. THE VEGAN SOCIETY confirms with their internationally recognized and protected quality seal that the entire REVITASUN range is vegan.

Active ingredient of the tanning products

The essential ingredient of all tanning products is “Dihydroxyacetone” (DHA). DHA reacts with the proteins and amino acids in the top layer of the skin – the “corneal layer” – thereby producing a visible tan. Advantage: DHA only reaches the uppermost layers of the skin and therefore does not induce side effects such as itching or skin irritation.

Do tanning products affect tattoos?

Having tattoos and using tanning products is not an issue. The tattoos will neither fade nor change their color. However, one should wait until their tattoo is completely healed before using tanning products.

Do I still need sunscreen after using self-tanner?

The self-tanner does not provide any sun protection. In order to protect your skin from the sun, we recommend using sunscreen according to your skin type.

Can I still go into the sun or to the solarium?

Yes, you can combine both! It even enhances the tanning effect. However, especially in the sun please do not forget to use sunscreen.

Do I get freckles from the REVITASUN tanning spray?

No, the other way round: freckles, liver spots or pigmentation disorders become less visible after using the REVITASUN Tanning Spray.

Can I use the REVITSAUN Tanning Spray despite having a deep/ pale skin color?

Yes, the Revitasun Tanning Spray is suitable for all skin colors. The intensity of the tanning effect varies based on the frequency of use. The REVITASUN Tanning Spray is therefore perfectly suited for both lighter and deeper skin types.